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Community Pool Update

Published: May 15, 2020

While Governor Abbott’s May 5th Executive Order allows for pools to re-open as of May 8th, the restrictions that go with the re-opening can be fairly complex, very limiting to a person’s individual freedoms (from what they are accustomed to), and likely require for the Association to realize additional expenses above and beyond the normal amenity operating costs. It is not mandatory that pools be opened; however, we do appreciate the strong desire to reopen pools. Our office has received some inquiries as to when the Tuscany Square community pool will open. Due to safety and liability concerns, the community pool will remain closed the month of May and will be reassessed for June.

Since the pool is a swim at your own risk pool, there isn’t a gate monitor at the pool gate or an onsite porter. As such, there are several items that must be considered prior to opening a pool during COVID times which includes:

    • how will the bathrooms, gate door handles, pool rails, drinking fountain be cleaned/sanitized after each use
    • how to afford the cost of onsite staff to clean/monitor the pool
    • how to enforce social distancing
    • how to limit the number of people (25% of normal pool usage NOT pool load capacity)
    • should the pool furniture be removed or will it be sanitized after each use
    • are there time limits on pool use/reservations to use
    • will guests be prohibited
    • what type of liability does the HOA have in the event someone claims they contracted Covid at the pool
    • is there any insurance coverage or can it be bought at a reasonable cost
    • what type of signage is required
    • can the HOA shift liability and responsibility over to 3rd party vendors
    • will residents have to sign a waiver and how will it be enforced
    • implementation of CDC recommendations

The HOA is working with the pool service, the HOA attorney and insurance agent to answers these questions and to provide a safe environment for its residents. This is new to everyone and the information seems to change almost daily. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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